Introduce yourself…
Hi, my name is Kristee, I grew up in Singapore and currently living in Dordrecht, Netherlands!

How did you end up working for Coffeelicious?
Well, my boyfriend and I were taking an evening stroll and we came across this beautiful cafe Coffeelicious and saw that they were hiring so I went online and applied for a job!

What was your first workday at Coffeelicious like?
It was pleasant, my colleagues introduced themselves to me in English which was really nice as I couldn’t understand much Dutch thus I find it really nice that they would speak another language to accommodate my lack in Dutch language and of course they showed me around and explained to me how things work in Coffeelicious! 

Honesty, it was a lot to take in and to learn in the beginning. I went to Emina crying and told her I would like to quit on my 3rd day of work. She said it's up to me if I would like to stay or go. At the end of the day, I told her I would like to give it a try again and here I am! I had a rough start but alles komt goed nu!

What do you love most about your job and what are your 
favourite work-related activities?
I love the girls, they are sweet yet serious about the role everyone plays at work, it really requires teamwork to fulfil our task altogether. Often encouraging & helping each other, I find that really supportive!

My favourite work-related activities, 
I love how my colleagues and me ‘dance’ in the kitchen when we have a lot of orders, how we delegate tasks together and complete all orders smoothly! It’s the chemistry we have that makes it enjoyable! Nevertheless, I enjoy our chill moments after work when we sit down and have a glass of wine and chat about anything!

What are you passionate about?
I definitely have a great passion for pastry. I have been in pastry since I was 17 when I decided to take up a diploma in Pastry & Baking in Singapore. Pastry is like science, and it's rather limitless. So many flavours, techniques and skills from all around the world. Finding the perfect balance between them to achieve something you imagine delicious in your mind and make it happen beautifully!

Ever since I graduated, pastry is like an adventure, exploring different kinds of pastry from creating to selling to teaching! 

I heard you are a talented baker, can you tell us something about why you started baking, what you like to bake and maybe even show us some of your creations?
I started when I was 24 years old when I decided that I wanted to create beautiful fondant cake for a living! Fondant is sugar paste, wrapped around sponge cake followed by adding decorations to complete the desired design! I enjoy making them, every design is a challenge and they are all different, the satisfaction when clients are overwhelmed when they see their imagination come to life is rewarding to me!

(Zie een foto van Kristee haar cakes hier onder)
 These are some of the cakes I have created between 2016 - 2018 at work or for my own little online shop! No doubt I still love to do cake decorating! 😇

Is there anything you’d still like to learn while working at Coffeelicious?
I suppose Barista. My colleague Naomie makes such a beautiful swan in my coffee each morning! I would love to make one for her someday!

Out of all the Coffeelicious dishes, drinks and sweets, what is your all-time favourite?
My secret indulgence is Coffeelicious milk chocolate shortbread! I love them!

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I enjoy doing yoga, bouldering, travelling and cooking Asian food, as I miss them too much! Also exploring this beautiful country of Netherlands. Especially in the summer when the sun shines nicely & flowers bloom generously!